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Tyldwick - Star

What I notice in the Star card:

water fountain in the shape of a hexagram
Greek pottery piece
flowers and ivy

The water trickling down from the mouth of the fountain represents the cleansing and refreshing properties of water (much needed after the Tower experience). The hexagram symbol around the fountain is an alchemical one. The union of the fire symbol (triangle pointing up) with the water symbol (triangle pointing down) is a combination of opposites representing transmutation. In alchemy, that would translate to changing lead to gold, but in spiritual terms, it might signify enlightenment after experiencing the dark night of the soul. The fusion of the two triangles also creates the alchemical symbols for earth and air (triangles with a line through them). Having all four elements together represents a union of perfect balance - a subtle reminder that we can't run away or hide from a part of life (as in the Tower). As Byron Katie often says, we need to learn to "love what is," accepting the good and bad cards that life deals us. Then we ourselves can be the vessel in which transmutation occurs.

The Greek piece of pottery is a wine jug (entitled by the Metropolitan Museum of Art "Dionysus and Eros in Procession"). Wine is used both to celebrate and relax, a fitting drink for this card. It is time to appreciate making it through our challenge, but also a time to relax and gain our strength before the next one comes along.

The flowers and ivy indicate two things: we can't stay in this idyllic setting forever (the flowers) but there is wisdom we can carry with us (evergreen ivy).
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