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Dress of metallic gold, slightly more modern and fashionable than most dresses and outfits we've seen. This is like a movie actress at the turn of the century. It's completely tailored to fit her specifically. It's bold and screams high society. Her fan sports the steampunk feel, but still feels elegant and flawless.

At closer look at her face though, I was expecting to see a sly smile, a glimmer of sexuality and daringness - but she looks very tired. Her lips are downturned, and once you notice that, the entire face changes before your eyes. She's coming down from the stairs, maybe she just got ready, but this is the 10th party she's gone to in the past few weeks and she's exhausted. Maybe the party was up in a penthouse and she's just leaving a party, and trying to hide the fatigue.

I think she wants to tell me, no matter how much I love my life - no matter if people think I have it all, or have nothing at all - if I keep going at a pace I can't possibly keep up with, it will wear me down and it'll begin to show.

Even if it does show, it doesn't mean I'm any less of what I am.
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