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On the Greek oinochoe, here is a female figure between Dionysos (seated on a klismos chair) and Eros (fixing his sandal) - and it's Pompe, the personification of processions. More about her on the website of the Met:

She's an Aphrodite-like figure here, standing between the two gods of love and wine. Above her head, the enlarged picture on the Met website shows it clearly, there's a flower with eight petals - like a star.

She's holding a diadem but at first I thought she's pouring water over herself...

It's difficult to know whether the artist chose the images because of their symbolic or aesthetic value or both, but the connection to the cult of Dionysos and wine is interesting, especially since the Greeks drank their wine always diluted with water.

The water from the mouth of the fountain (in a star of David or hexagram) falls exactly into the oinochoe. This one has a trifoil mouth, i.e., when it's full, the water will probably run over in three places.

An interesting choice.
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