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Watch Red Emma get drummed out of the corps!

I've been thinking this over for several days, to make sure it's me talking and not -- I've been kind of depressed for a few days. But here it is.

I've never particularly like the graphics of this deck. I thought it was just that they were photos, until a couple of days last week when I drew "The Warrior." As I studied the picture trying to find clues to the meaning, I realized that it wasn't that they were photos. But the subjects seem to just be standing there in an approved posture but without feeling. Their body language is all wrong.

Taking the Warrior as an example, the woman warrior is a very attractive lady. She has a fierce, warrior-like scowl on her face. But her body posture says, "Hey I'm standing here in this meadow and the flies are biting the back of my neck. I wish he'd hurry up and click that shutter!"

In my opinion, she should have a very aggressive pose, look fierce in her whole stance, look as if she's about to lunge.

I'm thinking that the knight of swords is even less knight-like. Actually he looks as if he barely has the strength to lift the sword. Let alone do any damage with it.

I hope no one's too offended. I'm hoping this can be the impetus for discussion...I really don't want to hurt anyone at all!

Goddess Bless.
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