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i have to agree with you on this, Red Emma, the models do look like they've been at it toooo loooong.
Years ago, when I was young and interseting-looking, I did a lot of modeling for artists and photograhers (ART ! ART! ONLY ART !!) and it was realy difficult to keep the pose at all lively with some of the photogs, what with setting the pose up, light meters, light meters again, and again,and finily, half-an hour later snap-anap-snap, just when you think the bee on your bare foot is about to sting!

What the model in the warrior has done is to loose the dynamics of the pose--she's hip-shot, with all the weight on her back leg, from standing there too long. I think the scowl is at the Photog, if he dosn't snap the shutter soon, she will use that sword on him.
Poor thing, she's wilted.

I have some snaps of my grandchildren lined up in a row while I took a few too many shots of thier Haloween costumes. Snarling Angel. Drooped Cowbow, P'O'd Oriental Princess, Unspeakably Annoyed Gypsy.

The knight of swords looks pretty wimpy to me, too.
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