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Sweet Twilight- 9 of Chalices

This is such a beautiful card and I donīt think the LWB is doing it justice by saying:"there are times when the only way to go is up". I donīt think this woman wants to go up. I see her as a Sea Priestess who lives down there and who is doing a private seremony. She may be doing a "Drawing Down the Swan" ceremony ? She is connecting with the beautiful and serene Swan Energy and communicating with the swan but I think they are both happy where they are. The swan may dive in to visit the woman and the woman may visit the upper world but both belong to their own elements where they now are. (I think...)

What are the small things behind the swan, to the left of the moon? Are they snow covered mountains, what do you think? And what about the thing the Priestess is standing on? At first I thought it could be some kind of an organ, like in the Disney cartoon Ariel? But it is probably a rooftop. Maybe it is the home of this woman. So the fish on the left could be a real live fish or a decorative element on the roof-or perhaps even both (like in Arie)l? The LWB gives a very shallow idea of this deep card. I think there are many aspects here and the overall beauty and serenity is just breathtaking.
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