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2 of Pentacles

Can anyone discern what the object is floating in the sea to thr right of the mirror..I thought it may be a bouy at first but it has green around it... mayb its a distant island?

This card says to me that she is looking in that mirror and asking plain and simple... *What shall I do?* I see birds as messengers and the fatc that there are two of them shows lots of advice coming in but she needs to make the decision ultimately.She knows that she is the only one she can rely on to guide her safely through the emotional turbulence she is in.

The mirror is magic so she is being aided from other sources than this world... her intuition is strong, the image it shows is clear and she needs to trust it.

If the floating object is an island maybe its a distraction to take her from the path she really needs to be on.

She is hiding her talents in real life but knows she needs to show them off more.... I wonder if the red hat is a thinking cap... she looks very thoughtful!

How I love this deck......
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