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Vision Quest - Three of Air

Description: There are three feathers floating in the air. There are also three birds seen flying high. The clouds are grayish-black and seem to be pouring rain.

Significant Details: One feather is bent, and the other two are bending under the pressure of the high winds. The feathers form a trianle. The three birds are fleeing the approaching storm. The clouds are sending out a storm, although it doesn’t really look like rain. The lightness behind the storm seems to say that the storm will pass.

My Interpretation: You are filled with doubt, anxiety, or worry. You may be confused about, or regret your part in, a problem you are experiencing. You may have a sense of abandonment or of loss.

While looking at this card I can feel the doubt, the mental pressure, that the card implies. I compared this card with the 2 (Inner Peace) and the 4 (Contemplation). It seems natural that after a time of inner peace we may face doubts and then a time of contemplation. Even though this card appears "negative" the 2 and the 4 offer peace, so maybe this card is telling us that we are over-thinking a situation? We only believe that there is a problem, when in reality one does not exist? If the birds were ravens, maybe they are telling us that we need to mentally focus ourselves to gain the spiritual knowledge they bring?
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