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Keywords*: Doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, fear of loss, worry, confusion, regret, the sense of abandonment

Inner message*: Just because your thoughts incessantly repeat an old, nattering worry-progaram in your head, you need not give up all hope. Give yourself the time to internally take a step away from these whirling thougths. Then you will see for yourself how ‘solidly real’ any thoughts can be. Once you recognize the nature of this thought-program, you have removed yourself from it. The path to inner clarity is mental relaxation – also known as meditation.

Outward manifestation*: As long as you doubt yourself, it’s wiser to remain quiet, instead of jumping on some new distraction, however tempting it may look. Since the fearful mind just swings from one extreme to the other without ever reaching a decision, you better wait for an answer from your heart. Train in the art of being patient. As soon as a certain inner equilibrium has been reached and clarity returns, the new direction reveals itself to you.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: There it is again, blackbird though only its feathers. Everytime we surrender into negative thinking or feel low of ourselves, the blackbird is the first to be there and pick on you. Only you can make it go away. You know you’re better than that..

There is a continuing theme in the 2, 3 and 4 – they all have bit of land present, water and some clouds at present. I think these represent three of the four elements.

My Interpretation: You fill your mind with negative thinking, with doubts and fears. However, never loose hope. Find your inner peace again, I think meditation might help you. Do not make any big business moves or start any new projects at this point. Focus on finding the answer where you can find solitude and peace again.

*From the LWB
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