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I'm a huge fangirl of Kelly-Ann Maddox. Although she doesn't exclusively post about tarot, she has a very long tarot playlist on her channel. Her Soul Tarot Workshop videos are so lush! She really knows tarot.

My next favorite is definitely Katey Flowers because of her focus on tarot and personal development. I just discovered her and I deeply resonate with her personality, and I find that she is more friendly and approachable than Kelly-Ann. Also, her voice is lovely! She has a new series called Therapeutic Tarot which I was excited to see, since I bought my first tarot deck during a period of debilitating depression. Alongside seeing a therapist, I made up my own therapeutic tarot exercises, similar to the ones Katey describes.

I also enjoy Elle of Sacred Seed. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she has some beautiful historical deck collections. If I end up purchasing a Tarot de Marseilles, I will blame Elle!

For tarot deck reviews, I check A Truth in Story's YouTube channel, since she does a great job of describing all aspects of a deck.

Daily Tarot Girl is also a great channel for learning how 3-card readings work. I like to watch her weekly tarot readings and see how she creates a story from the cards.
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