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I am so angry with family and people around me strangers nearby tenants that I cant respond without it being a huge rant that is off topic. I am going to refrain from typing all I will say is things are absolute hell right now.

Mirrors working off and on re programming them to work differently. yet they have started thumping things and becoming really intense, swearing outside kicking a bicycle over as they thought it was mind, they throw it on the floor stamp on it. ( sound lovely dont they?) wouldnt you just love to have them evicted. yet they are fighting with other neighbor but that neighbor and these are still reporting me for nothing doing vaccing as say too loud and housing is dictating I cant vac when they sleep! I said which is all day into evening then up all night. I have said no its personal hygiene i have asthma! I need to vac! so they clean all night....vac dust everything all night drive other neighbors mad!
I am on the tail end of it with everything being fired back at me all the time this is where I need the mirrors to deflect all this back. I have a bottle in freezer now with a braid and letter hoping to freeze the issue from getting worse.

I now have a large black rock bought from a car boot plus some others rose quartz I over spent a bit on these two but it was loose change. I am pretty sure one might be whitby jet as they said the guy use to go everywhere get rock specimens during his life. I swapped my details as they said had more at home and said they would contact me with a price if I wish to buy them. I imagine they will contact me finding the worth of these gems and give me some huge fee! I thought well its worth asking you never know.

I realise that spells etc dont work forever they only last so long and so does prayer. I can only hope to move. I am de cluttering and putting pennies away and in time I just hope to get out of here because I simply cant handle the hostility anymore.

currently to hand JET Rose Quartz Pyrite in bedroom and I am smudging daily every corner.


blessed Be )o(
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