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Last fall and winter I had a bad cold virus that ended up turning to pneumonia and I was very ill. And I almost never get sick, this was the first cold I had in years and years. But I had been overworking for months and had really drained my life force down when it happened. I seriously brushed with Mr D. I say fall and winter because the acute phase was two months long, from the end of October to almost the end of the year. It was so bad I was left with lung scarring and chronic bronchitis and am still getting rid of the last of it six months later!

I was so desperate to get well that I was trying everything. And I do mean everything, I tried herbs, supplements, massive doses of C, essential oils...I used oil of oregano in daily steams and did try a little internally. Did not have any noticable effect though I suppose it could have helped in some way. Could not tell, though. Colloidal silver was the thing that pulled me back from the brink and where I turned the corner and started to get well immediately. I used it by inhaling it with a nebulizer twice a day for ten minutes (yes, was so desperate I bought one just to try it) and also took it orally. Within 24 hours I knew it was working and with 2-3 more days I had the illness on its way out and stopped using the nebulizer and took it orally for a few more days then stopped. I think it saved my life, as yes I had even resorted to going to a doctor and the crap they gave me, including antbiotics in case there was secondary bacterial infection on top of the viral, did nothing good though I took it all as prescribed. Nothing was touching that virus, and I tried everything...massive doses of raw garlic and propolis included and every herb possible.

The good thing about CS is it not only kills bacteria, including antibiotic resistant bacteria, but also works on viruses.

If you get it though do your research and get the right kind. The wrong kind can turn your skin blue grey, permanently! The right kind will not! I used Mesosilver from Colloids for Life, they are a good company for it, though it is pricey I considered it money well spent.

Now if only I could get rid of the residuals. I think my lungs are recovering but damn it has been slow. And I don't smoke cigarettes so it isn't that!
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