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Study resources for the Hallowquest

I thought it might be helpful to have a separate thread for listing books and other material that we've found helpful as we journeyed on the Hallowquest.

In this first post I'm putting details of the Hallowquest material written by Cailtlin and John Matthews.


The deck is called The Arthurian Tarot and is illustrated by Miranda Gray. At the time of writing (2015) it comes in various packages.

The early deck is about 1990, and was packaged in deep brick red, either slip case or clam shell, along with the red covered slim paperback called The Arthurian Tarot, a Hallowquest handbook. The cards had black arch-shaped borders.

In 2002 the deck was published again, by Element, in a boxed set with the same material in the accompanying book, and a blank paged journal. Cards were the same size and colour, but slightly thicker cardstock, so the deck is thicker when in a stack.

A few years later again - 2006 possibly - the deck was reprinted by Connections in a smaller green outer box. The cards had lost their black borders, and the small accompanying book (purple covered) was slightly reworked, and included a question you might consider each card as asking you.

All theses are still available on the second hand market such as Ebay.

Any of these versions could be used to follow the Hallowquest - the year long journey through all the cards BUT you needed an additional workbook to do so.


The first workbook was called The Arthurian Tarot Course - A Quest for All Seasons by Caitlin Matthews - and was published in 1993. (yellowy/green cover)

There was already a book called Hallowquest - Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries by Caitlin & John Matthews 1990 - but this did not contain the course material. It's got some great stuff in it, and nothing strictly speaking overlaps, but it was different. (blue cover)

Now it gets complicated...

In 1997 another blue covered book was produced. It had the same card picture on the front as the 1990 Magic and Mysteries book. This was entitled Hallowquest, the Arthurian Tarot Course by Caitlin & John Matthews, and this one contained ALL the material from the Course book, and the Magic and Mysteries book.

The thing about the new book though, was because it incorporated all the material together, the lesson numbers gradually get out of step with the first book! I've only just realised this myself, and so if you're trying to follow the lessons here on AT you'll find I'm using the number notation from the first workbook!


In late 2014 the Matthews' put another version into print themselves.
It's got the green box cover of the 2006 set, bur the cards have got their black borders back. And for the first time the course material is incorporated into the book that comes with the deck. Caitlin has written that the course material is "tightened up" but I don't have a copy yet to compare, so whether it still meshes with the lessons here I've no idea yet

That's a quick overview of their own material on the deck as far as I know it. They have written much more that feeds into this area, and I'll list a few of those that I've used in another post. Do feel free to write about anything you've used that was helpful and informative for you, there's bound to be lots of stuff we've looked at between us.

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