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I'm another for the Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon. Border-less (or a more tamed color border) and larger cards would make this deck superb! It has beautiful images that smothers quite a bit in the card size and border crunch. It's a shame to see it suffer so! And, odd I'm sure I'll be, I actually like the backings! But with all of this said, I love it so, so much. It still, with these "flaws" reads like a book for me.

Yes, Shadowscapes! I've said it (along with a great many others) please give us larger images! I so do long to gaze into this beautiful deck without a magnifying glass! Every time I use this deck I feel as though I'm missing out on truly appreciating it entirely because I just can't fully take in and admire the artwork as I'd like. It masks my intuition. It's like I'm trying to read it with a veil over it or something. Frustrating. Card stock could sure use some protein, beef it up a bit

I agree with the others about the Mystic Dreamer as well. Such beautiful imagery crammed inside those throat choking boarders! Again such a shame. It needs to be freed from it's boarder prison! Wow, how amazing the images would be without the boarder "scarf"!

The Paulina. Oh, how I do love thee. I need you to be bigger so I can stare at you and admire you without squinching my eyes 'til they hurt. But your card stock is great

I'd love to see the Tarot of Vampyres in a larger images, more sturdy card stock edition as well. If it were about the size of The Bohemian Gothic, that would work I think. Still shuffle-able but large enough to see the details. I'd like that immensely!
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