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Originally Posted by Ross G Caldwell
I'm not aware that anybody in the GD ever thought that the switch of positions of Justice and Strength was a "loop" around Virgo. The switch in the first place was due to the authority of a single document which the founders claimed to have come from the Secret Chiefs, and the document's reasoning was historical and iconographical - primarily, Leo should go with a card that has a Lion, and Justice with the sign of the Balance, Libra.
Yes, that is one of the big differences between the Thelemic and Golden Dawn traditions IMO. The GD made their number change to homogenize the systems. They felt that in order to be correct, each system of ordering had to be perfectly parallel. Crowley, on the other hand, felt that everything was in motion and changing (even though while changing, on the largest scale all remained unchanged). He would have had no issue with the systems not being parallel. I suspect that he distrusted portions of the Homogenized GD system simply because the parallels appeared too contrived, too rigid and unmoving.
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