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Originally Posted by Lore347
The loops show what continuously changes, not what is changed and now at rest. The diagram isn't meant to represent a static system (which of course is one of Crowley's big points about the wisdom of the new Aeon). These circles show where on the zodiac the changes occur, as Leo-Lib rotate around Vir and Aqu-Ari revolve around Pis as we switch between the Astrological, Numerological, and Hebrew systems. We are supposed to imagine the cards in question revolving around as each pattern of organization comes into play.
I agree. The loops show graphically, and are intended to show a dynamic, of how the two switches move. Their intrinsic and mutual symmetry is further proof to Crowley that the same Secret Chiefs that made the first switch (in the Cypher Manuscripts), made the second as well (in Liber AL).

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