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Originally Posted by sagus93 View Post
Hi everybody. I'm just reading the book from Lon Milo DuQuette about Thoth tarot and he mentions this contradictions about Emperor's paths and confusing Crowley's quote about 'authority derived from chokmah and exerted upon tiphareth'.

I think I have a possible explanation for this, I'm little bit lazy so I will just copy a part of e-mail I sent to Mr DuQuette to explain this. Basic idea is, that saying 'Emperor's authority is derived from chokmah and his power is then exerted upon tiphareth' is not the same as saying 'Emperor is the path connecting chokmah and tiphareth'. There are more subtle connections and relations between sephiroths, paths and respective tarot trumps and this one is even graphically pointed out on the card itself, if you look carefully. Here is my explanation for this:

//I think Crowley's quote doesn't necessarily mean that Emperor 'is' the ray of light(=path) connecting chokmah and tiphareth.
Instead, if you imagine the actual painting literally placed on the path of Tzaddi where it belongs, then on its right side will be pillar of descending light up from chokmah all the way down to netzah, as a descent of Father's influence down to matter... (Emperor is said to be *combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of authority.*).
And in the same time, Sun - tiphareth is on his left side and so to say 'behind him'. Its same as on the painting itself.. ray of light at the right side and Sun not in the center of Emperor, but behind him, above his left shoulder. So exactly the same configuration on both the painting and the tree of life.
And not only that.. arms of Emperor form a triangle with his head on the top - staring at the Sun. There is the same triangle on the tree of life, with path of Tzaddi as a base and 2 arms - Nun and Samekh leading towards tiphareth, like an arrow pointing at the direction of his authoritative gaze. And to make things even better, this arrow/line of his sight first crosses the path of Pe attributed to Mars, to finally land on the Sun... which is answer to the question how does he 'exerts his power upon tiphareth' .. Emperor is Aries, in which Mars is the ruler and Sun is exalted.//

and thats it. You can find logic in this system also by looking at the path of initiation itself, climbing the tree of life. For exapmle - putting your life in order and under your conscious controll (=path of Emperor), then sacrifising your Self (=path of Death) in order to gain consciousness of tiphareth.. arriving here, you loose a lot of assets of your old ego, but some remains - for example notion of necessity of some kind of order and fatherly authority in order to continue on your true path. And this energy/understanding can be personified as the authoritative gaze of an old Emperor sitting down there in your past and watchning your steps.. and in terms of astrology, its the power of Aries to exalt the Sun.
Your explanation does make sense, Sagus. It looks like a consistent explanation for the symbolism of the card and deck, and could be correct in the esoteric sense, whether the authors intended this meaning, or not.
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