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Geometry and Tarot

I haven't corresponded on this forum for a while as my research into the underlying geomertry has led me on a wonderful path through history, art and mathematics, all embodied in the magnificent Visconti-Sforza (gold foil) deck. I believe I have cracked the geometric key and the implications have taken me into such diverse fields as Byzantine Iconography, number theory,
geometry, applied mathematics, Gothic architecture, history and philosophy.

As a result I believe I have now established a genuine link between this particular deck and the Cathars via a geometric code. I am now writing up my findings and hope to be able to share them with other like minded people. Based on my preliminary research, I have been asked to present a paper on this topic at the upcoming Tarot Conference in Melbourne (Australia) in July 2005.

Thank you to all who helped me at the outset of this journey.

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