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"The infinitive attracts zero" could either be a translation error or a misunderstanding of the word form, usually an adverb & not used as a noun as it seems to represent here.

The particular phrasing, however, seems expressive of 0-The Fool from a Buddhist point of view. Captures the idea of infinite possibilities with the Buddhist concept of 'no-thingness'--the lack of ego, a detachment from the physical world & its associations &/or the elimination of desires.

Hence, see the pig with a toy dog to represent a child or youngster. A child tends to take along a favourite toy or a 'security blanket' on any outing or journey. Such a person also detached from the worldly considerations.

The pig, then, represents the innocence of a child or that of childhood. That purity of mind, heart & spirit that 'attracts' the divine or to be in contact with same. (& reminiscent of the old fairy tale, "The Three Pigs" of three pigs who learn about life through trial & error.)

Note, too, the pig cloaked in red. In the Oriental tradition, red the colour of life, vitality & good fortune.
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