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King of Swords

This King is Fire of Air. However, I have also heard the Swords suit given to Earth or Fire. I see all three of those associations possible. The Chalices are the only suit in my studies and findings that is always attributed to Water. Joseph Maxwell has interesting things to say about the different Kings. He declares the King of Swords and the King of Batons/Clubs/Wands as "regressive," insomuch as that they do not possess the "Greybeards" of the other King of Cups and, even more so, the King of Pentacles.

This court card is given to Capricorn and Aquarius (January and February). There is something stolid and airy about him. I see him as belonging either to Earth or Air, but Fire of Earth or Fire of Air because he is a King. He does not get swept up in his emotions, nor does he yield his heart to confusion. He is certainly tolerant. On the question of his career, I would say, without a doubt, a GENERAL. He is even more stony than the King of Pentacles to me, which is ironic if he does not indeed have a Greybeard like him. He does not have as much emotional depth or passion like the King of Cups. In fact, his emotions rarely, if never at all, interfere with his duty. Of all the Kings, I much prefer the King of Pentacles. He strikes me as the most beneficent and overall the most kingly with his practicality. Joseph Maxwell calls the King of Pentacles a "true mage."

Originally Posted by star-lover

this fey card reminds me of the tower for some reason
I see this as an apt connection because this king is connected to the zodiacal sign of Capricornus (the Dragon/Crocodile). To draw my own correspondence, I connect this card to the 10 of Swords or the 7 of Swords. There is something crushing about this court man and always militaristic.
I would not assign him to the 9 of Swords and certainly not the 8 because there seems to be more action with him. The 7 of Swords connects with The Tower and the number 16 having 6 swords stabbed into the victims on the card and the one sword drawn. The 10 of Swords has all the daggers stabbed into the one ruinous victim. All of these cards of the Tarot are military omens to me. Perhaps the only other cards with military overtones being the 8 of Cups (and to a lesser extent, the 5 of Cups). However, these are my own cumulative associations and will not always agree with other diviners.

Hopefully, it can at least be agreed that the King of Swords is a general.
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