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Queen of Wands - Empreor - King of Cups

The first thing I need to mention is the relationship between the three. The charming lady is leaning towards both men, the Emperor glances at her, but he doesn't intend to turn around to her, I feel he's judging her. The King of Cups doesn't see her, and I see it it is because of the Emperor, the thing is, you'll need to call out or even go to the King of Cups, past the Emperor.

On a more theoretical note, I think the idea is, that even though you now advance more and more in both the financial and spiritual realms, you'll need to make a choice, which of the two men (or possibilities). One is a strong, very much material and stern, and the other emotional and possibly in some way related to religion. Funny enough both stand on grey stone thrones, while the Queen is on that pretty colourful throne. She's flexible, both of these two guys are either-or types, you won't be able to fit with any of them in your wholeness. As the Queen is flexible, she can easily turn around or even get up. Perhaps a black cat can show you the way? (dunno why, but I felt that looking at the black cat on the QoW, she sees something in front, not on the side towards the other cards and she seems content about it). What does she see? ;-)

[Sorry for the long story, I just felt there is a whole plot to this particular spread. XD]
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