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I'm obsessive when I'm interested in something. I've been an obsessive book collector since I was a little girl; now that I collect e-books, it's easier to hide it. In the last years, I went through serious attacks of hair toy collecting (I made hairsticks myself and even sold them on Etsy and Dawanda - led to much buying of supplies...) and hair soap collecting.

My tarot deck obsession went through ups and downs. I always try to wait for at least a month before I buy a deck, to read as much about it as I can. In my Evernote tarot folder, I keep updating my wishlist. I note there my changing wishes. For a while, I wanted to buy every Steampunk deck under the sun. While I waited for a decision which to buy first, my interest in Steampunk decks passed and I didn't buy even one ;-)

Unfortunately, I don't have much money, and the decks I want most are expensive...

But I have to learn all the decks I own already before buying more. HAVE to.
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