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Hi Ronia

Yes you're right, the Moon signifies you and Jupiter signifies the Job.

I can see that you have issues with the dignities, so try putting them aside for the moment and simply express what you see. Then try to add in say the essential dignities or some of the accidental ones but not both at the same time. As you get more and more used to it, you can begin to do both at the same time.

Now my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, so I have some difficulty reading the small print on your chart. It would help me if you could post the key information - time, date and place and I can duplicate the chart.

However you're right to treat the Moon's house placement as being a poor one and yes you're right, being inconjunct the eighth house is one of the 'out of the way' places. So you will have some difficulty getting noticed by prospective employers - such as writing lots of job applications but either getting no or only a few interviews, You also correctly identify that the Moon is under the beams, which adds to that inability to be seen, However it's nearly out from under the beams so things are improving It's fast - a good sign and it's increasing in light - all of those suggest that things will get better than they are now.

In Aquarius the Moon has dignity only in the last 10 degrees and then only by Face (Decan). You are quite right she has no essential dignity at 19 degrees Aquarius. This is the first and most important reason you use the table - to determine if the Moon has any essential dignity and if so, how much.

I'll deal with your question about what use the Triplicity, Terms and Face rulers are, when I've commented on Jupiter.

You're right Jupiter is without essential dignity either - this suggests that the job may either not carry much seniority in the organisation or may be one requiring only basic skills. As your key criteria are that it's desired by you and well paid, so things don't look very promising in that respect. However the accidental dignities suggest that the job is well placed in the eleventh house, which is your house of hopes and aspirations, so that's some evidence that you might want the job (of course it might simply mean you want 'a' job. The eleventh is a good placement so the job might be convenient or reasonably prominent. The other accidental dignities reinforce this conclusion - the job does have attractions, even if it is a basic one. The weakness in essential dignity might alternatively mean that the company offering the job is not strong, so even if the job appears desirable it might not be long lasting.

OK back to essential dignities and that table.

Try confining yourself to seeing if the planet as any essential dignity of it's own, that is it appears in one of the columns for that sign. Of course allow for it being either a day chart or night chart if it is one of the triplicity rulers and ensure that it is in the right degree if it is in the Terms or Face columns. The more points it has (Ruler=5, Exaltation-4, Triplcity=3, Terms=2, Face=1) the better, A planet can be in more than one of it's dignities in a sign, so if it has two or more then add the scores together. The higher the score the stronger it is.

For the moment ignore those entries where your planet does not occur. So for the Moon you can ignore all of the planets that do have dignity. You can add those into your interpretations when you feel happy using the essential dignity of the planets that are significators and the accidental dignities of those planets.

For the accidental dignities place most value on the House placement, then whether it is combust/under the beams and then direct or retrograde. Finally check for close aspects to Venus and Jupiter by trine or sextile and Mars or Saturn by square of opposition.. You can add in the oriental/occidental later on - BTW you were right with Jupiter being oriental.

Add the accidental scores together to get an impression of how well placed the planet is to act or if it signifies something impersonal, to be the subject of action. The high accidental dignity of Jupiter suggests that even if the job is not as intrinsically as good as you would want there are a lot of people out there who would want it if they had the chance - it's an employers' market.

So far we've looked at the planets in so far as they describe the situation. Tomorrow I'll post again on the likely outcome of that matter. I hope you will have been able to post the chart details by then. It will allow me to do some fine checking LOL

Actually you did very well there - you identified the correct significators and you gathered the right information. The issues are ones of interepretation - how do you use it? Basically you are using it to assess how strong or otherwise you are as a candidated for a job and how good the job is and - how well placed you are to take advantage of job opportunities and how 'desirable' the job is. Here you're in rather a weak position in the labour market and the job may not be as good as you hoped but it will be attractive to those seeking work.
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