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Reading for Ronia

Iv;'e attached two files, Ronia Horary is the chart (which of course you already have) anr Ronia Horary Alm is the essential dignities as produced by Morinus and I'll cross reference those to the table.

As already stated by you, your significator is the Moon in Aquarius and the job/career is a tenth House matter and with Pisces on the MC, it's significator is Jupiter.

The Moon in Aquarius has no essential dignity - it's Peregrine' We can tell that from the Morinus chart because there is no entry in the cell where the Moon's row and the Moon's column intersect. For ease of recognition, I've written 'Peregrine' in that cell. The word comes from the Latin for traveller or stranger, foreigner or pilgrim. It's someone who is not at home where they find themselves and are dependent on others to get by in their strange surroundings. In other words peregrine planets rarely have the capcity to perform successfully, they usually need help. That help may come from one of the planets that has dignity in the place of the Moon. That is Saturn the sign ruler and triplcitiy lord. You can tell Saturn has these roles because in the Moon's row and in the Saturn column there is the score of 5 (ruler) + 3 (triplicity lord). In other words Saturn is the big cheese in Aquarius and can help to get things done for the Moon (assuming he is willing). In the Skyscript table of essential dignities, look up Aquarius and you will find Saturn in the ruler column and Saturn as the triplicity ruler by Day.

There is no exaltation ruler for Aquarius but there is a Lord for the Terms, The Moon finds herself in the Terms of Jupiter, who just happens to be the significator of the job - so it's possible the company itself might help you - again though if they are willing. Finally the Moon is in the Face of Mercury and as Face is only one step better on than being Peregrine, it's unlikely that Mercury will be of any real help, unless it is itself very strong and in willing to help.

There's a lot of 'willings' there, so the obvious question is how do we know the planet might be willing to help. There will be a favourable aspect from them that that links the Moon (you) to the Job (Jupiter).

The accidental dignities of the Moon you identified very well and you got the main point - the Moon is under the beams in the eighth - a very good indication that you will have real difficulty getting noticed in the job market. The only partial good news is that it will shortly emerge from the beams, so we would not score the whole -4 and it is fast and gaining in light. Things are currently not at all good but there will be at least a little improvement in the future.

Now Jupiter, which is also peregrine. Now the job is inanimate but the person or company hiring is not, so it probably means that they will need help to find you - that might mean that you should circulate your CV or indeed ensure that your CV is up to date and presented in the way that firms in Bulgaria want to see. That may or may not be the same as it was in the US. So help to you and help to the employer might be through you having your CV checked, many employment agencies will do that, but you may find independent consultants that will help.

Jupiter is in Taurus, the sign of Venus, and the Moon is the exaltation ruler in Taurus. So now things have changed. The Moon is in the Terms of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the Exaltation of the Moon. We have a mutual reception, though not a particularly strong one, but you might actually be have particular skills that the employer thinks important and 'exalt' - This might be simply being fluent in English and having real local knowledge of the US, which might be of great use to an exporter or a tourist company or even a translation company. Those are of course not the only options but they are a few obvious ones.

Now we are in a situation where you both need some help but are able to supply it to each other. So in the situation of a mutual reception, are the Moon and Jupiter still peregrine? There's some discussion over this, even if we say they are not peregrine there is an argument that two weak planets being in mutual reception cannot suddenly become strong. Dykes argues that being a stranger or traveller, doesn't mean you are weak, it means that you don't know the system and how things operate. If you find someone who can help you with the system, you can still achieve and perform well. Similarly a planet in mutual reception with another both of who may indicate people who might not achieve separately but who together might actually have to complementary skills to achieve. I tend to go with that view, so I think you have something going for you in the Bulgarian labour market, an ability which you might not rate, but which others do.

Now Jupiter is also well placed in the chart, as you identified. It's on the eleventh cusp, so it might be the job that you hope for or it may be that your friends lead you to it. Being Direct and free from the Sun's beams means this employer may well be quite dynamic. Jupiter's speed is neither fast nor slow, so there's no gain or loss there.

OK so we have the basic description of you and the company in terms of the potential job, the next question is 'will it happen?'

The first thing we look at is if a major aspect will form between the Moon and Jupiter. There is a sextile forming, and the Moon is already applying to it. But before it can perfect the aspect the Moon trines Saturn in Libra. Saturn is in an out of sign opposition to Jupiter. So Saturn will actually 'prohibit' the aspect by being in the way (it gets the Moon's aspect first). What does that mean in people terms? There are a variety of possible meanings, but they are all likely to involve you in either seeking help from somebody who ends up actually doing more harm than good or someone in a powerful position (relative to the situation) either deliberately or inadvertently spoils things. Now there might have been a chance if Jupiter was applying to the opposition (even though oppositions almost never produce the result) but in this case the opposition has passed.

The next possibility is a connection through antiscia. Neither planet is near the antisicon of the other, so no connection there.

Finally we look for a helpful third party. We've ruled Saturn out because of the prohibition and the opposition to Jupiter. Mars has just turned retrograde and is not in any dignity of the Moon, or Jupiter and makes no helpful aspect to either of them. The Sun signifies your income, as it rules the second house but it's not making an applying aspect to Jupiter (it's in a separating square) or to Venus ruler of the eleventh and also the House of the employer's money.

Venus is not aspecting any planet and Mercury, the Term ruler for the Moon, and is in an applying conjunction with the Sun has no aspect either to Jupiter or to Venus (the employer's money) There does not seem to be a candidate to help you out here.

Lilly allows the matter to be perfected by a mutual reception but he was talking about one which was ruler to ruler - say Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. Here we have Moon in the terms of Jupiter, though Jupiter is in the exaltation of the Moon. There may be an outside chance but I don't really see that happening unless the job is desperate for your skills no matter what.

Now I think your time limit of virtually the entire year is too long for this question - you would have been better to have stipulated two or three months at most. as there is much you can work on to improve your 'essential dignity' - i.e. ensure that you are marketing the skills employers want and you are happy to apply.

In this horary the 'job' would have found you much more attractive than you found it - it wouldn't be awful or anything but it would not be your prime choice - Jupiter is only the Terms ruler for the Moon but that work on marketing yourself may land you the job that you really do want.

I think there's a lot of promise here, even though it doesn't deliver immediately. Work on your marketability as a job candidate, begin to identify companies, roles and geographical that you see as desirable and ask again in a month or two. The message of this Horary is start getting that preparation done for your real launch onto the job market.
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