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Originally Posted by Nikita_ View Post
I used to think that seeing the future was mainly what the cards were used for; but over the years, and after a series of negative experiences, both as a client and reading-esp for myself-, I've come to the conclusion that tarot is very good at mirroring the current situation and the actual trends, but often not to be trusted when it comes to predicting the future. I know that there are readers who don't even try to read the future, they simply refuse, and although I strongly disagreed with them in the past, I am beginning to see their point...
What is your experience with predicting the future through the cards ? I would be tempted to ask you, on a percentage, what is your degree of success in that, but I don't know if that makes sense....
For me personally, the correct term which should be used is "possible future". Why? Because if you want to make the Tarot look like a "fool" you can simply do the opposite of what the reader seems to "predict", which is a simple way to reveal future is formed by many many paragons. So, I believe the Tarot can show a possible future which you can make real if you want to and try for it or try to avoid it if you don't like it. The perspective it can offer on any given situation is a real wonder for me, because it can lead you to good moves now, in the present, to lead yourself to a future.

I am not taking into consideration the subject of the "accuracy" of the reading because that's an entirely different subject. I have seen though "inaccurate" readings (inaccurate according to books but accurate from an intuitive perspective, which is always flowing) work out pretty good, so many people need to refine the term "good reading" I believe. I only do readings only when the people I work with realize their life is their own, and their future is their own. The Tarot is a wise advisor and a form of divination allowing for wonderful insights into a matter, can show futures worth chasing or letting go, but not the final decision maker. Weak people like to throw their responsibilities of life to anything, but if you go with that in mind the reading will be poor I believe, because you won't be able to appreciate it properly.

Just my opinion and what feels correct and true for me on the matter.
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