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O.K., so I ignored my own recommendation about not buying another copy of the deck, went down to Watkins Books here in London and got one with the new cardstock. The cardstock is a definite improvement but nothing else about the deck has changed except some minor colour variations in certain cards.

I had another comparison between the current US Games deck and the vintage '68 edition I own and noticed a whole raft of colour changes I'd previously missed.

For instance, the water in the '68 Moon is blue; in the current deck the water is green. The throne in the '68 Queen of Cups is turquoise; in the current deck it's green. The robe of the '68 Queen of Pentacles is purple/lavender; in the current deck it's brown.

The effect of these changes seems to be to reduce the range of colours used in those cards and not by accident - it was clearly deliberately done. I can only speculate it was done to reduce printing costs back when the deck was first republished but that strengthens the argument for an anniversary full restoration edition.

With those colour changes, the current deck is not a facsimile of the original, it is a new edition. BUT, were the colours of later printings of the original changed in the 1970s? If so, then the current deck may have been reproduced from one of these later printings.

Does anyone have a copy of the vintage deck printed towards the end of its run in the 70s to verify this?
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