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When I first saw this card I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Little aliens dancing? Stretching? Four "pixies" randomly placed on a card? Rather stark.
I like the idea of dancing tho'. Makes sense.

But, I see right off that they are looking in the four directions -- down, up, right, left. Seems significant. (I haven't read the book on this one yet.)

Team work works for me too. Each has its own expression, like they are each involved in a task. Or, they are four expressions of one doing the one task.
The one in the lower right reminds me of one of my cats when I cup my hands around his face and hold his ears and hair back!!

In reading the posts, some of you, to me, sound as if there are more figures in the card than are there. I look at the card, see only four, and wonder where the rest are to fulfill the name of "collective." There seems to me that there should be some taller figures (dancing?) off to the side. I can almost see them, but not quite. So in a way, joyful teamwork can be a definition of this card, and yet, I feel as if the artist captured only a fraction of them. A few among many.

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