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Originally Posted by Bernice
Cheers Sulis!

But if they're Nature Spirits, wondering why they're all 'fishy' ones....

I've just checked on the paperback book for this deck - not the hardback (17!) - it does exist but currently not in stock at The Book Depository (most reasonable prices UK).

Had hoped to find an informative review, no luck at the mo.

Wondering now if the fish/water reference is because Jane Lyle has a big thing about emotions/love/romance. I hope not!

Each Court are all just Nature Sprits to me!

I don't see the courts as fishy spirits except for the Cups suit! Which is very fitting for the suit I feel. The Swords are air spirits.....Sylphs. The Pentacles are a fairytale like strange nature creature wrapped in leaves with those "foilate cows". The Wands to me are fire spirits, they look like curls of flame bursting right from a fire! Dijinn?

Why do you think the other court cards other than the Cups Court look "fishy" or have fish tails? They don't have scales, fins or anything like that. Is it just they have no feet? I've seen elementals portrayed as more floaty type beings with no human feet in a lot of art and books. Do the "tails" on the other courts look like fish tails to you? I've never seen them that way.

I do have the companion book. It's a great book and doesn't focus at all on just love or romance. If anything the book and interpertations and card discussions are highly spiritually based. Have you bought the book yet? If you really like this deck you should!

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