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My take without reading the LWB or previous post:

The two gargoyles in this picture seem distressed. One is holding on for dear life while the other seems to be letting go. Internal conflict perhaps? This is a tough one for me to read. I want to revert back to my RWS training - knowledge and/or diligence? Card of the craftsman? These don't seem to fit IMO.

I would see this card as a period of unsettlement and the knowledge that there may be different ways at looking at the same situation. It could also mean that you are not going through these troubles alone.

Now that I look at the LWB I see the craftsman angle being reported. I guess that means the gargoyles are the product of the craftsman? Or are they admiring their own handiwork at the sight of the pentacles on the pillar?

In a completely intuitive reading, I would probably go with my initial reaction on this one.

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