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Nikita_ - you have been very patient with some of the responses you have been getting with this thread.

My question (based off your post #35 ) is: Did they shuffle the cards - or did you? Sometimes - the Tarot tells us exactly what WE want to hear. If your friend was anxious or wary and was hoping that 'This is the best off all possible worlds therefore everything that happens is for the best' - then quite truthfully the Tarot picked up on this emotional energy and mindset and that is what the cards showed - perfect bliss - what they wanted to have happen.

This is part of the 'Human Aura' theory as to 'Why Does Tarot Work?'. No angels, devils, gods or goddesses making the cards come up - they are affected by the body's electromagnetic field and the traces it leaves on the cards. PM me if you want an explanation or clarification on this.

Just my two cents ...
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