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Originally Posted by Nikita_ View Post
OK, I'll give you a comprehensive answer by telling you a very simple story. Some time ago, I did a reading on the usual kind of story for a very good friend of mine. It was the classic relationship reading, where the cards were really fantastic, as clear as daylight, not ambiguous in any way, and pointed to a happy ending fairy-tale style. Although I am not an optimist by nature-actually, quite the opposite, friends often tell me I should be more positive !- I felt that, with those cards, I could definitely tell her that this relationship would go ahead smoothly, and possibly end up in a stable partnership. As time went by, however, things got complicated for her-nothing tragic ; essentially, they were not moving forward-and as I continued to see all rosey cards for her, and a happy ending despite some obstacles, I encouraged her to go and see the other 2 readers I mentioned, who I believe are very good, and certainly not the kind of readers who tell fairy-tales to their clients, without telling them about my readings. They told her the same. Too bad, the relationship ended tragically shortly after....and it doesn't matter why that happened, the point is, did we-me and the other 2 Readers-have a mass hallucination, all of a sudden ? Did we all misread the cards, on that particular occasion ? Or is there something else we are all missing about how it works ??
I can give you a counter story regarding a similar situation. Years ago when I first started reading, the cards told me all flowers and roses about a woman I was very interested in at the time. It never happened.

That said, the events predicted in the cards actually occurred in exactly the manner described with someone else entirely.

Reader interpretation, in this case myself, saw a situation in the cards I WANTED to see with that specific woman but was meant to describe someone else.

How did that happen? The Queen of Wands card used to come up every time I tried reading. Since I wanted that to represent the woman I was originally interested in, I interpreted that card as her each time. Since I kept drawing that card with regularity, I thought it was telling me about her. It wasn't. I only thought it did. Misinterpretation.

The cards can't jump out at you and tell you stuff directly. You have to be able to glean their meaning. It's not an easy thing to do. There is a myriad of ways to misread.
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