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Originally Posted by Whatsawhosit View Post
i was shown to perceive the tree, and all the complex symbols, are more easily understood to be like an electrical schematic. These are potentialities, tendencies, and motion. If any of it is truly indicative of reality it is of just a single moment that has already unfolded. I would actually day dream of them whirling, spinning and sliding about the letters from line to line.
Which is a very easy exercise when you are bored to tears staring at the tree that is a wall tapestry that flutters during a service.

the tree of life would be as much a map as a natal or hoarary birth chart would be. And a persons abilities to read into them would be just as subjective.
Indeed, diagrams are necessarily static, whereas what they represent may be extremely dynamic. The Tree is misleading in that is a static view of the dynamic reality of which it is merely a low resolution snapshot.
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