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I just got mine recently, but don't have the guidebook, so I have been studying on my own. I would be interested in seeing how others are interpreting the cards as well. Most feel very intuitive, but a few of the cards have been a bit confusing for me - like Shark, which gives the keywords "exposure, revealing the true self," which I understand for sharks in general, yet the card feels more like hiding, blending in, sticking to the shadows. It has a very soft blurry feel. Curious if anyone has any insights for this one?

I'd also be happy to just jump in and start sharing my impressions on the deck, as I was gathering my thoughts together anyway, but I'd love to hear from someone who has the guidebook. I didn't think I'd need it because I am constantly frustrated with "spirit animal" guidebooks and feel I do well enough on my own, but I'm perplexed by some of the LWB keywords, like "assimilator" for peacock, and would like to know where that's coming from.
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