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Most of what I get out of this card has already been stated;
Masculine energy, hence an active card and outgoing energy, which indicates the need/wish to do something, be active, make decisions, create and so on. He stands in his own strength, so he's stable, balanced. He enjoys life, he's got many talents/abilities and whatever he chooses to do, he will enjoy it to the max! The opportunities and possibilities are infinite and he doesn;t mind that either (some people get depressed and insecure when the choices are too plentiful; this guy doesn't have that problem!)
Strength, courage, joy, sexuality, fertility (also the abstract form of fertility).
I don't see him offering the lemniscate. The way I see it, he's holding it. To me it meant something in the sense of him understanding the cycles of life, knowing that all is cyclic and connected. I looked up the meaning of this symbol and in maths it means infinity, but otherwise it stands for the balance between heaven and earth, the earthly and the Divine. I suppose this explains the "divine" glow around it.
What I do find peculiar, not sure whether it has a meaning: his hair is dark brown but his chest hair is blond?? Would this again direct to male-female, yin - yang or is that a bit far fetched? Maybe he just went to the drugstore and dyed his hair - chuckle

I don't work with reversals. But in that case I'd say: being stuck, not being able to undertake action, to do things, make decisions. Stale energy, not standing in your own strength, sort of feeling lost and overwhelmed by life and it's abundance of choices. Instead of the energy flowing freely, the energy is stagnant.

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