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Many Thanks...

This deck began as a way for me to better understand the tarot and as an excuse to practice my watercolor painting. Over the years thinking about how to illustrate a tarot concept using a feline image has enhanced my understanding of both cats and people.

I recently "came out of the closet" with my professional colleagues by offering a boxed set of the Bohemian Baroque Cats as a donation for a silent auction fund raiser at our fall continuing education conference. It was a major hit. Low and behold there are many cat vets who are also tarot enthusiasts, so I shared with them my personal Cat's Eye project.

I wonder if my associates would mind if I continued to collect a paycheck but took a 6 month sabaticle to finish my deck... hmm, not likely to go over too well. I guess I will have to just keep plugging along and just see if I can't pick up the pace a bit.

Having a receptive and kind audience encourages continued effort. 78 cards are an ambitious undertaking for a hobby painter.

Thank you
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