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Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - 2 of Pentacles

Against the usual lush green background of the Pentacles suit we see a golden figure with arms outstretched diagonally.
He holds a coin or pentacle in each hand and his right hand (which he is looking towards) is higher than his left.

If he just had the one coin he would look (to me anyway) like a basketball player when they do that trick of rolling the ball from one hand to the other.

This certainly looks like a difficult posture to hold. He really is balancing those coins, unable to put either one down for fear of dropping the other and that reflects very well the meaning of this card.
Two's are about balance, choices, the coming together of 2 things and here he could be choosing between one physical thing and another, deciding which is the most important or he could be carefully balancing both things.

This card turned up in a reading for me last week and the meaning was one of those strange, literal meanings that come straight from the image.
I asked 'Why is my husband late' - he was on his way back from woriking in Prague and I pulled this card.
I took it to mean he was still flying and he was... The image just made me think of a plane... Don't you just love it when Tarot does that?
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