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21 ways to read a tarot card - Step 17

Step 17 ~ Embodiment

Step 17.1

The first thing I felt was discomfort, I was concentrating so much on balancing the pentacle on my head that the others were almost forgotten, it felt like if I let the pentacle of my head fall then everything would collapse. I sometimes feel like a juggler trying to keep so many things up in the air and if I drop something then I wonít be able to cope. I also just wanted to sit up straight because I felt that it would be much easier to balance.

The Pentacles under my feet helped me to feel quite grounded as if they were giving me a foundation on which to build, I didnít really feel I had to do much to keep these in place.

The Pentacle by my stomach felt almost like a comfort blanket, something to hold onto and nurture, because I could actually hold it, it felt a lot more real than the others.

Once I had relaxed my arms and let them fall by my side I immediately straightened up and felt much more comfortable the middle pentacle seemed to lodge around my naval area.

Step 17.2 Take your chosen card and position yourself like the main figure.

As I stand tall and proud with my arms and hands stretched straight out in front of me, I feel solid and powerful. I know I am in control of the situation around me and that others look to me for guidance. Although I may seem dominant and commanding I am actually not, I feel people misjudge me because they canít actually see my face, so therefore make up their minds about me without actually finding out about me. Sometimes you have to look beyond the appearance to see the actual person.

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