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For Starling

The Four of Pentacles card is, of course, about obsessive materialism. Rather than seeing the figure balancing a pentacle on his head I see him as having wealth and possessions on his mind, as a total focus for him. This is shown, also, by his clutching a pentacle and holding two more in his keeping by placing his feet upon them. A greedy, grabby metaphor indeed.

The Nine of Pentacles lady is leading the good life. If you look at someone like Paris Hilton, they are always "on stage" and conscious of their position in life. Posing their way through life -- my newly "teenaged" daughter poses her way through life also. The nine-lady holds a hunting bird, a very exclusive symbol of leading a special life. The hooded bird may represent a life which doesn't allow much freedom, and only within a framework of purpose. "Happiness tinged with a longing for a different form of happiness" is how I see this card. Or, not being happy with being just happy. There is so much we can take from these images isn't there.

You're making great progress, I'm sure we'll see you at the adept posts soon. Enjoy the holidays. Dave.
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