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Card Name/Deck: The High Priestess, Tarot of the Cat People
First Impression: A regal & powerful woman, with no real sense of spirituality attached.
Imagery: this woman is very ornately dressed, and has a somewhat cruel and uncaring look upon her face. She does not seem concerned with spirituality, or if she is it is only because it is a source of her own power. She seems more concerned with the power of her wisdom and that people respect her. She holds out her scepter in a grandiose, dramatic gesture, and her arms are spread in a way to make her appear larger than she really is.
Keywords: Wealth, Wisdom, Acumen, Charisma, Socialite, Austerity.
Other notes: Nothing, really. This card doesn't really speak to me, except that I wonder if the scepter she holds in her hand is some variation on the wand.
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