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The High Priestess

Hi, Kiama! Nice you are joining.

1-. CARD NAME/DECK – The High Priestess. (Rider-Waite & Camoin Marseille).
Im using both decks while studying the cards, so what i write its based on one or on the other.

The Priestess is a wise woman of deep knowledge. She is serious, smart and has authority.

She is studious and cultured. In the RW she has a scroll in wich we read “Tora”. Im not sure if its related to Tarot (like in the Wheel of Fortune) or if it can be related to the jews sacred book, because she is also wearing a cross (Christian symbol), has a half moon at his feet (islam) and wears a headdres that remembers lunar phases (paganism) and also the egyptian goddes Hathor. So, maybe all this symbols are meaning she knows about all religions and forms of understanding spirituality.
Returning to Hathor or Athor, she was a celestial godess of love, and often was represented with a cow-head, so in this case, the headdress is representing the sun between two horns, like the Priestess between the two columns in this card. (I know, im rambling here). One of the columns is white and the other black with the letters B and J, so she knows about dark and light energies, or yin-yang. Balance and the need of fussion of the two principles are here.
In Marseille deck she has a book and a hat like the Pope, sign of spiritual power.

In both decks she is sitting. This is a passive attitude, a moment of contemplation and reflection, but not of taking action. The extreme pale skin she has in Marseille points to a closed not outdoors life, she is projected towards inside and interior aspects of life.

The veil at her back hiddes something we dont know, the misteries of life. But we can see the sea there: emotions, water, soul profundities. This is reinforced by the moon, symbol of magick, femity and occult things. In the Marseille the veil is only behind his head, here is her knowledge what remains hiden. Also in this card she looks elder and is looking to the left: the past and the interior world.

She is a solitarious woman, full-time dedicated to her studies and meditation. People goes to her to have advice. The bad aspect here is she learns all through books and studies, but not of her own experience, cause she doesnt move of her place. She has not a real earthly or real life outside.

- Feminity. Intuition. Meditation. Contemplation. Knowledge. Magick. Occult.Studying. Understanding.
- Loneliness. Solitude. Passivity. Individualism. Isolation.
- Museums. Culture. History. Antiquity.
- Needing deeper understanding. Needing a guide. Spiritual growth.
-Student. Writter. Intellectual. Counselor. Teacher. Wise woman. Feminist. Single woman.

- Listen to your innerself. The truth is deep inside your soul.
- Knowledge and understanding is power.

Mmmh i have a question about the RW priestess. What mean those letters in the columns? "B" and "J"...
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