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I don't know what it is about this card, but it reminds me of the scene from early on "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" where Gilbert Norrell has the theoretical magicians gather in the cathedral at York and then casts a spell that makes the statues and carvings in the cathedral (and all over town) speak and move.

This card shows the wall of a church. At the top of the scene is a stained glass window which shows a man wearing dark hooded robes and holding a large book. A tree is behind him, and rocks are in front of him. Is there a crown or something sitting by the large rock, or am I seeing things? The man holds his left hand in a blessing gesture and seems to look down at the stautes below him. On the wall are two statues of a man and a woman lying down across the wall. They look like medieval tombs (the ones where people were buried in a church). Three swords are lined up behind the statues, while the fourth hangs over the woman statue.

The way this card is posed, I can't help but think that the figure in the stained glass window is about to cast a spell from his book and make the statues come to life and do something.
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