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In fact, I didn't find my guide, when I got the Oracle Deck- he lead me to it.

From childhood, I had an ever- returning dream, where I went through a kind of passage (which could be a well, a portal, a gap between rocks,...) and arrived at another land. There was always some kind of fortress, built from different kinds of material. Sometimes it was an old keep, sometimes a huge tree.
Once it was a castle- wall made from glowing rocks, with a big doorway in it.

Curious, I tried to open the door, when a figure appeared, that looked a bit human, but not human at all at the same time. Unlike the glowing ladies in the OC, this was a male faery, who gave me his name and told me in a friendly, but strict voice, that it wasn't time for me to cross over.
At this moment I knew, that he wouldn't stop me, if I tried anyway, but that he'd be with me to advise me and protect me, if I needed him to.

He kept appearing, always helping me on my travels and pushing me towards Faery, at times, when I'm too stuck in "here".
I tried dawing him. Couldn't do it properly, but I guess, he appreciated the effort.
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