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Hi everyone,

This card fascinates me. It has come up for me a few times since I've had this deck.

The lighting in this card says so much. The sun shines on the other side of the building throwing this side into shadow. The purple/orange/yellow glow indicates that its evening - twilight. This, together with his battle weary look tells me that this guy has had a long hard battle of sorts. His helmet is off but he still holds all his weapons. His sword, his wand and what looks like a jousting pole, are all in readiness for the next onslaught. He almost appears to be challenging us to make a move. 'Go on, make my day!'. The jousting pole can be used to knock your opponent off balance from a great distance, so you can go back in and make the kill ... oouch.

This guy takes no prisoners, he's ready for battle. His wands carry their own battle scars. He's been there before. The battle may not be over yet!

I like the touch with the bees. Really clever.


Bean Feasa - You've done it again, with 3 cards this time and this is one of them. Hp and Empress were the others! Weird.
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