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Originally Posted by Hispet View Post
Thought I would give you an update on the situation. He did get in contact with me again today. Apparently he was taking some time to himself to think things through, and neglected to inform me of this. He is coming back next week, and we did choose to rekindle things between the two of us.

I know that this month there are some major aspects going on in the skies, so I made a chart for the exact time that he contacted me today wanting to reunite. Can I read the chart like a synastry chart with my natal chart against it, and his natal chart against it? Also, since he sent the message from a different location than the one that I am currently at, would I put in the location the message was sent from and the time the message was sent to compare it? Rather than in the location I received the message?
Well perhaps his thought are changing...but take things slowly at least to begin with.

The chart is an event chart and as such can stand alone , though you can also see it as a moment in your relationship. It describes the moment he contacted you, so it gives his feelings at that moment and your reaction to them.

You are first house, he is seventh the position and condition of the rulers and any planets in those houses plus any aspects to them are what you are concerned with.

At a secondary level the transits of the event chart to your natal chart and solar and possibly lunar return chart will add some more context.
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