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Tree of Life Learning Cards


I just found about this Learning Cards deck ( after reading about it somewhere. The description of the deck looks promising :
"This flash card style deck covers: The 10 Sephiroth * 22 Paths * The Four Worlds * Archangels and Angels * The Three Pillars * Tarot correspondences * Elementals * Pronunciations * Hebrew Alphabet * Colors and more… "
I find the flash card format refreshing, not that I don't enjoy a good book on Qabbalah but I don't know, I think this might interest people who like to learn little bits by little bits, in a playful way or in place you don't have the time for a good reading session so that you can just draw a card at random and learn about a specific Tree of Life topic and think about it.

I wanted to know if any of you had thoughts about it (whether you bought it or not)?
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