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Originally Posted by JackofWands View Post
I don't have the deck, but I think it's a good idea. If I recall correctly, Benebell Wen (not a Qabalist by any means) did a review on them not too long ago.

Personally, if I were going to do flash cards, I might be more inclined to make my own rather than buying premade ones. Regardless, I think it could be a helpful way to learn an otherwise overwhelming amount of information.
Yes that's where I found about it at random and her review conviced me to buy me one of these to try it. The cards look well done with the right amount of information on it (not too less or too much) and I was willing to try new ways to learn. I'm not confident enough as yet to make my own flash cards, one day maybe!

I think I will do a small review of this deck when I'll receive it. Not really related to the Qabbalah topic but the Futhark Rune deck they're selling might be a good addition to my learning tools.

Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
I have a similar deck. This one.

It is good for TOL readings, but it does not have all the study information that yours has.
I didn't know about that one, looks really beautiful! But yes with only 35 cards, it looks like they don't put as much info in the deck. The nice reproduction of Hebrew alphabet and the sephiroth on those cards can be a great meditation tool!
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