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Both decks seem good in their own right. I feel sometimes simple design is good for either study or actual readings. When the reader has studied a lot and fully familiar with all the correspondence and meanings of each cards relating to Tree of Life, Astrology or Goetia, then simplicity of cards should be actually advantage, as the readers consciousness takes over the reading aided by the drawn cards. That is my aim of studies - being in that level.

The Kabbalah Deck I have has 35 cards. 10 of each sephira of TOL cards, 22x Hebrew Alphabet Letter cards (they also represent ToL Paths, but not shown on the cards) and 3x blank cards (I think it could be used for King Queen and Knight)

The accompanying book is very good. It explains each card in detail, and also gives suggestion / guide on what action to take for given situation, and when particular card is drawn.

I have forgotten, and not used it for a while, but took out again to continue studying with it, thanks to this thread
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