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Druidcraft Study Group - 4 (Four) of Wands

Let's get this study group going again..

The Four of Wands in the Druidcraft is one of the most peaceful depictions I've seen. I really like this card...the home sitting on top of the hill..the fire still burning under the 4-post garland...the sun just coming up. You can almost hear the birds (not actually in the card) chirping early morning songs...

This card reminds me of a really good get together, and the period after when some leave, others go to bed, and there's peace after a lot of activity. But this card also makes me feel a little sad. You know how when you really look forward to a party, plan for it, invite people..and the party is a hit..and then it's over? To me, there's sometimes that feeling of coming down from the "high" of the party and now needing to re-adjust to the quiet and solitude of the post-party calm. The fire is still burning, a token or reminder of what was a great together. But it is otherwise quiet everywhere else, so much so that it leaves an almost anticlimactic feel. There's peace...quiet...and solitude. This card also has a bit of a lonely feel to it.

In a spread, it all depends on its position..but it generally can mean peace, or being comfortable and cozy at home, or having left a place of peace...or moving (emotionally) to a place of peace, and taking that sense of comfort with you.

It really is a beautiful card, and I prefer it to the usual RWS-based cards, where you see a happy family...that often confuses me, especially when compared with the 10 of Cups. But for a number 4 (four), which is a number of things temporary...this is just right...

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