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21 Ways: Step Eleven

Step ELEVEN: Radiant Rider-Waite, Six of Cups

11-1 Name some benefits and liabilities for the following cards:

(a) Nine of Pentacles

Benefits: Refinement, worth, discipline, self-reliance
Liabilities: Snobbery, greed, egotism, aloofness

(b) Page of Swords

Benefits: Eagerness, intelligence, honesty, clear-thinking
Liabilities: Impetuousity, hard-mindedness, abruptness, inflexibility

(c) The Chariot

Benefits: Success, focus, self-control, motivation
Liabilities: Ruthlessness, narrow-mindedness, controlling, obsessiveness

11-2 (a) Benefits and liabilities of my chosen card, the Six of Cups

Benefits: Generosity, caring, affection, innocence
Liabilities: Gullibility, sanctimonious, smothering, naivety

11-2 (b) Where am I right now on the Benefit-Liability meter, from best to worst?

Somewhere on the Benefit side of the meter. The needle's flickering around there, covering all bases.
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