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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step ELEVEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands


Nine of Pentacles
Benefits: success, security, hard work pays off, dedication, independence, full control of the situation
Liabilities: greed, egotistical, isolation

Page of Swords
Benefits: Clarity, fulfilling curiosity, learning new things, speed, confidence, analysis
Liabilities: lack of experience, impatience, carelessness, lack of tact

Benefits: Moving forward, steady progress, confidence, balance, cooperation, taking control of a situation
Liabilities: moving too fast, arrogance, opposing forces, indecision


5 of Wands:
At the bottom of the scale (far left) could be: succumbing to adversity, being struck down by conflict, an overwhelming obstacle
At the top (far right) could be: learning from challenges, gaining new perspectives, overcoming adversity

I feel I'm around a 3 on this scale, close to the left. I define this as: stuck in a difficult situation, feeling defensive, slowly wading through conflict

I'd like to get to at least a 6, which I'd define as: passing the toughest obstacle, seeing a break in the storm, feeling shielded from conflict

In order to move from the 3 to the 6 I need to determine what the most difficult part of the issue is for me. I need to focus on that step, putting the rest to the side for now. I can use my 'shield' (green stick) to help me deflect the other parts of the issue. Once I reach the 6 I can focus on the smaller pieces and move higher up the range.
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